Waste is Power

Recycling will benefit your community and environment.

Global Problem
How waste affects our world

Due to increasing concerns of global warming, the world has turned its focus on renewable energy projects. With view to support this initiative, we have taken a prominent step with our unique Mobile Waste to Energy Gasifier Power, which not only produces green energy but also discharge hazardous waste.York Green Energy Limited (YGE) has exclusive rights for Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution of Mobile YGE Gasifier Power Plant globally.

York Green Energy Limited (YGE) has exclusive rights for Sales and Distribution of WTE Gasifier Power Plant globally.

YGE is developed to promote this state of the art technology and owned by group of individuals, who have held an active position in the global commodities market and construction sector.

Through more than three decades with steady presence in the international market our skilled partners have been active with trading and construction from oil, gas and renewable energy sectors to power plant, ships and healthcare

Our Solution
Waste to Energy (WTE)

Waste to Energy (WTE) is the clean and most profitable method of permanently disposing of solid waste from residents, commercial businesses and industries.

Our YGE Gasifier Power Plant provides a venue for eliminating the waste while advancing significantly in the provision of energy.

Its technology allows combusting 100 percent of the combustible components in the waste that is processed, this thermal gasification process reduces the volume of waste by 92-95 percent.

Our Plant converts waste into Syngas which can be generate to Electricity, Fuel, Fertilizer, Chemical and natural gas.

Our Plant is based on Gasification technology which is far more efficient than conventional incineration plant. This technology has been used for decades and has been implemented in more than 30 plants around the world.

Our Services
What we offer?


We, at YGE, are determined to bring about a positive change in the outlook of waste to energy plants and renewable energy practices around the world. We believe that only through incessant collective efforts can we inch towards our common goals. For this reason, we are glad to provide consultancy services to organizations and companies interested in stepping into the broad sector of waste management and renewable energies. We will be with you every step of the way and will guide you through our team of seasoned professionals. Our team members are very customer-focused, and adequately experienced in the field of consultancy. Contact us today to set up a consulting session about your business and how you want to make it better.


Great businesses start with smart people, and smart people work efficiently with disciplined and trained co-workers. Training your staff and workforce is also a very integral part of running a company. You have a great workforce but you fail to achieve the given targets at the end of the month? or You have trained them and they do great in a few areas but lack in others? Then you have come to the right place. Our detailed training programs are made to serve that purpose and we strive to train people to work much more efficiently in their workplaces and do their jobs at their full potentials.


It is paramount for a company to have a stable pool of talent. Categorizing that talent is also important. Let us step in and help you out. Recruiting manpower can be exhausting and frustrating, and we understand how it works. Our team of professionals and our co-founders all have years and decades of experience in hiring people for businesses and we’ll be more than happy to offer that experience to you. We provide manpower for engineering, project execution and facilities management. We will help you to establish a professional workforce.


We also provide support and solutions. We will give you IT solutions, engineering solutions, technical support, and will solve any other problems that you may face. Problems are a part of every business and we understand the importance of having the proper support at the other end of the phone when you need it the most. Write to us, call us or visit us, our representatives are always there to help you. We have IT and engineering professionals who have worked extensively in solving problems of technical nature and they will give you the proper support that you need.

Your Benefits
Benefits of waste to energy

1. Production and use of energy: Electricity and heat can be generated from waste which provide an alternative and more environment-friendly source of energy.
2. Reduction in carbon emitted: On generating energy from waste, the carbon emission that would have been generated from a fossil fuel source is avoided.
3. Reduction of waste going to landfill: Waste that would have normally gone to landfills is diverted to an energy processing unit thereby saving valuable land.
4. Reduction of reliance on fossil fuel: Fluctuations in oil prices and rising costs can be avoided. Waste to energy does not rely on fossil fuel hence the dependence on oil reduced.
5. Avoidance of disposal costs and landfill taxes: The cost associated with the transport of wastes to landfill is reduced and also landfill taxes imposed by governing bodies are avoided.
6. Domestic production of energy: Plenty of waste is generated locally and hence there is no requirement of transportation of materials or this process from far out.
7. Use of by-products as fertilizers: The by-product of some waste to energy processes such as anaerobic digestion can be used as fertilizers and improves the nutrient content of soil.
8. Benefit to the local community and economy: As waste to energy plants are generally setup locally it creates jobs, the local community benefits and materials are sourced locally.
9. Avoid methane emissions from landfills: When waste is delivered to a waste to energy facility, the methane that would have been generated if it were sent to a landfill is avoided.
10. Stability in availability of energy and its price: Using of waste to generate electricity can help reduce fluctuations of price. Also, there are no wide fluctuations and shortages in availability.

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